anemoi cuff

argh! this is the beginning of my Anemoi Mittens. (pattern at eunnyjang.com) this cuff is HARD!
I'm a little confused about the tubular cast on - if you follow the directions for that, then the first "set up row" has you knitting the purls and purling the knits - I don't know if I did that right.
and then, you have to purl the contrast row with your left hand! (sort of - I mean, you probably don't HAVE to, but...)
I'm only sort of managing that, I need my right hand to help.
And, I had to use the same size needles I'm using for the rest of the mittens - size 6, because I'm also using sport weight instead of fingering. I knit so tightly that I'd NEVER manage the right gauge with fingering. (I tried the cuff first with a size 5 and it wouldn't have fit over my hand.)


cass's fingerless gloves fronts

another pair of the fingerless gloves, based on Interweave Knitting Oct 07 pattern "Composed Mitts". These ones have slightly bigger thumb holes and slightly longer tops.


I'm back!

Did you miss me, my three readers?
I have been making things that aren't knitting, but maybe because of Ravelry, that is what I update.
I wish there was a Ravelry for sew-ers (that is, not sewers) - although I wonder how that would work. hmmm.

Anyway, I made these for my mother's birthday. The pattern is basically the one from Interweave Knits October 07, the Composed Mitts, only I made them shorter and changed all of the fair isle patterns.

And I just noticed that i made the vines going in different directions, which I would have done on purpose if I had thought about it.

This is the second pair I made, the first ones, for me, I haven't sewn in all the ends yet because they're not on a deadline.