Sara's hat

The second time I've made this hat, and looking at it, I think I might have to make yet another one for me in different colors. Again.

The Yoga Mouse

There's an explanation for this one at flickr.

Jaylene's Smile Bird

I made this as a present, and every time I looked at it, it made me laugh. I thought maybe the person I was giving it to needed some directions, so I had to label it.

small epb bird purse.

And this one is a teenier version of the same bird.

Big Bird Purse

This is an old one but I don't think I ever showed it! It's a GIGANTIC bird purse and I love it. I love, love, love the fabric of the body, and it's such a cute, fat bird!

Sara's Caterpillar

I don't understand the deal with combining a blog with flickr - do people just write the same explanation of a project in both places? Do I tell you everything about this caterpillar but then tell you again at flickr?
Anyway, there is more description and pictures of this at flickr - it opens into a butterfly! I invented the pattern and used my fleece scraps. It's for my yoga teacher's baby shower.

Our Lady of the Luau

You can read about this at flickr - it's for a doll challenge.

Moss Queen Shawl

My friend Megan sent me these amazing yarns for my birthday and told me they were to make a forest witch shawl. So here it is, just starting - I want it to be huge!