a quick blizzard

Actually, this isn't about the blizzard.
It's a quest... to stop music on blogs.

To be more specific, music on blogs is fine... but I think it shouldn't play automatically.

Players should start IF the person looking at the blog wants to listen and hit the play button.

I know, one point of a blog is that you can do whatever you want and if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it - or in this case, listen to it - but I'll be surfing along quietly and all of a sudden music will start blasting out of my computer.
And no, I don't want to turn off the sound just in case I come across music. I keep it on for notifications and stuff.

So this makes me sound old and grouchy - but from a web design perspective, it's amateur-ish to have music playing for no reason... and you can keep the players, just use ones that don't start until the reader wants them to.

Come on, I know someone else feels like this - can't we start a movement?

I don't want to seem grumpy, so I will also give you this picture of a blizzard I was caught in the other day while walking the dog.


entry formatting...?!!!

I am SO confused - in my browser, different entries of mine have different amounts of spacing between the lines of type.
I think it happens when I post an entry from flickr, vs posting through blogger, but I'm looking at the page source, and the html & css, and I see NOTHING that would explain it!
In case anyone reads this blog and is better at that stuff than me, can you tell me where that code is?

thank you.

Remains of the Day Book

Here's one of the pages from the book I made in the Remains of the Day class I talked about in the last entry. If you look at it on flickr you can see all of the pages. These are just the background for adding photos and writing... I like to write a lot in my books, so I'm sticking in more envelopes for me to fill with writing on cards and notebook pages.

The idea of these journals is that the pages are made up of things you've collected and never used, or pieces of junk mail that would get recycled, or just your pile of SCRAPS.

Now that I've made this one, I feel like I got the hang of using my stuff that's just sitting around and I'm collecting a pile of stuff to make more pages. I have too many journals I'm working with already, so who out there needs a scrappy journal? Maybe I'll give it away when I make the next one...


Creative Experiments!

I don't believe in making resolutions, but I want to start updating my blog more, because I've been making lots of art that isn't getting shown to anyone.

I've also been spending too many hours looking at other people's blogs and their art - which sometimes leads to happy discoveries like this one.
Daisy Yellow is AWESOME. There are so many great ideas, inspiring art, links to follow, etc. that you could spend weeks just looking at everything there.
One thing Tammy does is post lists of Creative Experiments. List #8 has just been posted for January and I am going to get the hell off the computer right now and get to work!
(My current project - ok, one of zillions - is the online journal-creating class I am taking with Mary Ann Moss, Remains of the Day. I'm about to bind the signatures into the cover so I can start filling up my book and I am SO EXCITED.)