first post... write the damn book.

write the damn book
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Everyday creativity= Create every day.
This is for people at a romance writers conference.



Ayelet said...

That's brilliant.. I love how the doll herself is everyday creativity and it's meant to inspire everyday creativity.
You should do a whole series of those!
anything from "learn to dance already!" to "get up and do those dishes"! :D

Lady K said...

I love the creativity doll!

But do all romance writers have blue hair? :) JK! Thank you for visiting my blog. Can't wait to see what we do for next weeks competition..

shellyC said...

Love the doll...cannot wait to see more!!

susan said...

oooh i have a true love of small crafted dolls. this one is speaking her mind too and so that makes her even greater! nice work...

Barb said...

Ha! Or in my case, finish the damn magazine article! thank you for the visit today--I appreciate comments so much.