some christmas boxes

some christmas boxes
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Lots and lots of boxes from Amy Butler's sewing book. I made many more than this, too. Now I think I need some for myself.


togbean said...

I love, love, love your dolls! That sqare, cabled hat is adorable, great job on the AB boxes and Yes! I DO work at Webs. I'm the Assistant Manager. Just ask for Sara :)

gnewfry said...

i love these boxes! i may have to get that book too.

P.A. GIbbons said...

Hi; thanks for posting on my blog re: my daughter. We are investigating getting her disability earlier..not sure how it works w/the VA and government. It sure is a mess.

Love your dolls..my friend is Pamela Hastings who has a great website and is a doll maker.

Nice to meet you :) patti

Anonymous said...

Hi Soren, Love your dolls!! And couldnt find and email addy so to answer your question I used Higgins dip India Ink on that page. It writes over acrylic. You are a pisces girl after my own heart (me too).
Judy Wise