Sara's Caterpillar

I don't understand the deal with combining a blog with flickr - do people just write the same explanation of a project in both places? Do I tell you everything about this caterpillar but then tell you again at flickr?
Anyway, there is more description and pictures of this at flickr - it opens into a butterfly! I invented the pattern and used my fleece scraps. It's for my yoga teacher's baby shower.


woof nanny said...

I was originally wondering the same thing, but basically you have two audiences, so yes...describe both. I just copy and paste, or sometimes I just link my blog post (although I think flickr maybe doesn't like that. I'm not sure). The double audience is actually what I like about flickr though. Some people don't blog--they just flickr, so they can only find you through your tags, etc.

Thanks so much for visiting my purse blog--I really appreciate it. I bought the magazine for that pattern too, though I haven't tried it yet. I am always on the look-out for things I can post though.

Bertha said...