Dear Jane, Approximately

I am verrrrryyyyy slowly working on a "Dear Jane" quilt. This is a reproduction of an insanely complaex quilt that was made during the civil war. The woman who made it, Jane Stickley, used some traditional patterns, but many of the 200+ squares and triangles in it are patterns that she made up. I keep feeling like I'm flying along, but as of today I've done 35 squares. Mine is going to be red, purple, green and blue. My quilt's name is "Dear Jane, Approximately" after the Dylan song "Queen Jane, Approximately". If you google "dear jane", you'll see all the variations people do of this quilt - it's amazing.
You can see my progress here.

I'm trying to finish all the red squares now because there are fewer of them than the other colors and then I can put my red fabrics away.


Alex said...

Your "... Approximately" will look very cozy and warm with all these saturated colours! When did you start?

Jennifer said...

What an incredible quilt! I've only done simple quilts, but maybe someday I can tackle this... after I finish creating from all the felted sweaters I've got. Slippers are a great idea - thanks!
The Fairy Mum