pisces newmoon SoulCollage

pisces newmoon SC
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My first SoulCollage card is a New Moon Soul Collage. see http://www.newmoonjournal.com .
I think I should do a few more cards for Pisces because I'm a Pisces with Pisces RISING even, and I'm *such* a pisces!

I think lost of SoulCollage cards look ugly to other people, so I suspect this might look quite hideous if you're not me. In fact, even I am not sure how I feel about it, but it was what came out, so I kept it.

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PURSuE Your Art! said...

I like it! I just took my first Soulcollage work shop two weeks ago and found it so facinating.
For whatever reason you were meant to make that card. There were ten women in our workshop and we each had to write down the first thought that came to us when we viewed each persons card. Sometimes others see things that you don't. My first thoughtfor your card would be..playful!