Abundance Totem

I need to update more frequently! Sorry about that. Is there some easier process than the eight-million-steps that I need to do to get things from my camera to blogger?

Anyway. I made this Abundance totem several years ago now, when I discovered the Connecticut quarter. That's it, on her abdomen, that big, beautiful tree.

This is to remind me that Abundance comes in many forms.

And also, that every time I start a long bead embroidery project, by the end I swear I will never do another one.


Anonymous said...

How gorgeous!

Colleen said...

Your beading is gorgeous, that's why you keep doing it!

FairiesNest said...

Oh my that's a lovely doll!! The colors are stunning and it really coveys the "abundance" feeling.

Sandy said...

Your abundance beady is beautiful! You do gorgeous work and you must be proud of all you do, otherwise it would show in your workmanship! I hear you on getting the pics. posted to blogger, it's such a process. However, keep it up, love seeing your work! ;O)

Elisa said...

Found your blog through Megan Noel´s one today.

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African Arts said...

Looks awesome...

amyrehnae said...

thanks for your visit over at my blog, and for your sweet, sweet comment! I will be lifted up all day because of that! In answer to your question, my studio is not very big at all...one-car -garage size, actually! I think its about 11x 14. I've just crammed an extraordinary amount of stuff in there!

And I am in love with this beaded doll of yours...just beautiful!!

Thanks again!
have a great day!!

Concha said...

These are very nice, great work!