Creative Experiments!

I don't believe in making resolutions, but I want to start updating my blog more, because I've been making lots of art that isn't getting shown to anyone.

I've also been spending too many hours looking at other people's blogs and their art - which sometimes leads to happy discoveries like this one.
Daisy Yellow is AWESOME. There are so many great ideas, inspiring art, links to follow, etc. that you could spend weeks just looking at everything there.
One thing Tammy does is post lists of Creative Experiments. List #8 has just been posted for January and I am going to get the hell off the computer right now and get to work!
(My current project - ok, one of zillions - is the online journal-creating class I am taking with Mary Ann Moss, Remains of the Day. I'm about to bind the signatures into the cover so I can start filling up my book and I am SO EXCITED.)


magpie said...

just found you through mary ann's remains of the day. love the things you create!

Sherri said...

Hi, I found your link through Remains of the Day-I just started last week and love it already! Thank you for the link to Daisy Yellow--so great and I am going to work on February's challenges. Happy creating! *Sherri*