have some (just a little) angst with my Dollar Store Crafts

So I won this box of stuff from Dollar Store Crafts. (this picture is from them.)
See that package in the center with the black-and-white thing? That's mine, mine, mine... mwah-hah-hah!
(It was the weirdest thing - as I was filling out the entry thing, I knew that I was going to win... I didn't know there would be over 600 entries(!) but I just knew.)

And now I get to play with things!

The b-and-w thing is a miniature rug. Of course my immediate idea was to make a bag, but I'm not sure I'll do that. Unless I can make an Incredibly Cool one, I don't want to just do something totally obvious with it. There are some zippers so I could add pockets and things... I'll have to think more.
There is a package of cardboard stars in an odd color. Those have to become a garland. But I'm going to spray paint them a different color first.
There are some yellow leaf-shaped doilies. Some of them will go into my art journal, glued in or stenciled over, but then...?
There is pink lace that I want to put on the bottom of a skirt.

I'm of two minds here: (ok, I'm of many minds, all the time, but two for now) to try to combine as many of the things into one project as I can, or to make as many different projects as possible. The second one seems slightly more likely because there is so much variety... but the first one would be more of a challenge!

Here is a preview of the first project I've started. It seems to be coming out a little too Easter-y for my tastes, when I was hoping for Indian-sari-style - and I'm hoping it won't end up being a total Craft Fail.
I guess I'll get busy on it... it's a totally unpleasant weather day here in New England and I'm wishing I had a fireplace to curl up next to with my crafting. I thought of a tray of candles instead but I'm pretty sure my cat would have something to say about that - I'm going to have enough problems keeping cat hair out of my gel medium.

On an unrelated note, I'm having issues with my blog formatting... I can't figure out why it's making some images have a frame, and some posts with different spacing between the lines... I did some coding but I can't see where all of it is and it's driving me crazy! I think I might be too much of a perfectionist to do these things!


Megan Noel said...

cool! maybe if you add some exotic trims or some fabric-pen drawn mehdhi designs it will help it look more sari-ish! :)

ainelivia said...

Hi Soren, thanks for coming by my blog (ihanna planner post). the tree stamp u asked about is The English Stamp Company brand, 1812 - 2" - Paradise Tree. Hope that's some help. off to look round your blog, it's great to meet up with more art journal bloggers. be back soon. ainelivia aka Carol Ann