Scanning woes and art plans

I've been making lots of art, really - it's just that you can't see it yet.
I want to spend time *making* it, not scanning it, uploading it to flickr, and then writing about the process of it!

But I really want to document it beyond just having a sketchbook of it, so eventually I really will get around to it.
Although this week I have a major sucky cold and it's sapping all my energy beyond zentangling and laying on the couch and trying to find anything worth watching On Demand when you only have basic cable.

I've been doing masses of zentangles, and a couple of GPP's challenges, and I'm working on some earrings from this book.

Next I'm thinking of a frame for a drawing I bought my sister for her birthday - I was going to buy one, and then I remembered that I want to do much more using-up of my supplies this year - so I think I might make one out of felt, cereal box cardboard, and beads. I sort of have a vision.
Since the drawing is Ganesh, I'm thinking beaded shisha mirrors and sparkle on black felt - but not too much, because I don't want to take away from Mei's beautiful art.

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Mary said...

Hi. Thanks for commenting on my journal pages. I wanted to tell you that I did have some two sided scrapbook paper that I used. On the one sided paper I added strips of color to the white side or I used two one sided papers back to back and added the strip of paper to the sides or across the top to hold them together. I hate that big white page you get from the one sided papers too.