a quick blizzard

Actually, this isn't about the blizzard.
It's a quest... to stop music on blogs.

To be more specific, music on blogs is fine... but I think it shouldn't play automatically.

Players should start IF the person looking at the blog wants to listen and hit the play button.

I know, one point of a blog is that you can do whatever you want and if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it - or in this case, listen to it - but I'll be surfing along quietly and all of a sudden music will start blasting out of my computer.
And no, I don't want to turn off the sound just in case I come across music. I keep it on for notifications and stuff.

So this makes me sound old and grouchy - but from a web design perspective, it's amateur-ish to have music playing for no reason... and you can keep the players, just use ones that don't start until the reader wants them to.

Come on, I know someone else feels like this - can't we start a movement?

I don't want to seem grumpy, so I will also give you this picture of a blizzard I was caught in the other day while walking the dog.


Jennifer said...

Totally with you on this LOL! Drives me nuts when it suddenly blares out at me, especially when it's loud.

Sherri said...

I so agree with you! It scares the you-know-what out of me when suddenly music starts blasting out of my computer (because usually my son has been on before me and has the volume to the highest!). Yes, people, please give us the choice.....

Victoria Bolton said...

I totally agree! And let's boycott black backgrounds, too.

diane.ca said...

I so agree with you. It drives me crazy when music blast out at me. I've started to turn off the sound for my computer

Mary said...

I completely agree with you. and YES! Victoria with the black backgrounds!

Camilla La Mer said...

I so agree with you. I often boycott blogs that blast uninvited music at me...some of them my friend's blogs...sadly. I also am extremely sensitive to noise "pollution" in public places like shopping malls that even pipe the music outside. I want to run and cover my ears. I often have a sense of a George Orwellian existence when I encounter such things. It is difficult to have my own thoughts when the atmosphere...even outside!!!...is inundated with music that I am not choosing to hear.
So there!

Camilla http://soulshamans.blogspot.com

Catrina said...

Well you know, if it was some sort of catchy 80's tune, you'd be all over it.