entry formatting...?!!!

I am SO confused - in my browser, different entries of mine have different amounts of spacing between the lines of type.
I think it happens when I post an entry from flickr, vs posting through blogger, but I'm looking at the page source, and the html & css, and I see NOTHING that would explain it!
In case anyone reads this blog and is better at that stuff than me, can you tell me where that code is?

thank you.

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Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

If you want to create a space, right after the end of a sentance, type "less than sign" then "br" then "greater than sign" Like this but no spaces: < br >

If you want two spaces, then type it twice (with no spaces between) like this
< br > < br >

and so on. You have to do it in the "compose" window. Hope this helps!