Remains of the Day Book

Here's one of the pages from the book I made in the Remains of the Day class I talked about in the last entry. If you look at it on flickr you can see all of the pages. These are just the background for adding photos and writing... I like to write a lot in my books, so I'm sticking in more envelopes for me to fill with writing on cards and notebook pages.

The idea of these journals is that the pages are made up of things you've collected and never used, or pieces of junk mail that would get recycled, or just your pile of SCRAPS.

Now that I've made this one, I feel like I got the hang of using my stuff that's just sitting around and I'm collecting a pile of stuff to make more pages. I have too many journals I'm working with already, so who out there needs a scrappy journal? Maybe I'll give it away when I make the next one...


jane eileen said...

Hi. I am in Mary Ann's class, too, which is what led me here. Your book looks fabulous!

yasmina said...

This looks beautiful!

marilyn said...

Your book looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photo. You can mail it in my direction anytime!
Warm regards,