Busy busy busy

Joy Angel CloseupThere is a lot of crafting going on over here, but I can't really SHOW it yet! Here is an older doll, I think from last year, for your holiday blog enjoyment.

Ok, I really have to get back to work. Things happening today are all coming from Instructables, for The Boy, things like a bike seat cover for protecting it from the rain, and a Cholula Holster (that one is sort of a joke, but only sort of), and maybe boxers made out of Patriots fabric I found at a tag sale, and I don't know what-all else.

And I want to decorate! And make little houses out of old cards!


Sandy's Quilter's Block said...

This angel is just adorable! I love her expression. She has a lot of character.

vivian said...

hi "S" I found your comment on my blog this morning and thought i'd hop over to see who you are! I love this christmas doll. I wish you would have stopped by a few weeks ago, you could have joined the doll swap I'm hosting! we would have loved to have you. I also had an uneven number and could have used one more person! I ended up with several partners.. which is ok! I'm excieted about it. anyways.. I'm planning another swap for after easter, a miniature doll/bear swap of somesort. I havent worked out the details yet! Your blog is sweet! and funny, i was trying to decide if the doll looked like you or not.. I do believe there is some resemblance.. and you cracked me up about shaving the dog!
well, its nice to meet you, please be sure to stop by again soon as I will also be back to your blog soon!