Suddenly I saw it.

Every time I do a craft show, someone (or several someones) comes up to me and says "do you know that all of the dolls you make look like you?"
Sometimes I am offended if they are particularly ugly.
I never mean them to look like me.
This one, when it was done, I kept looking at its face and thinking, MAN, I am so sick of this face I keep drawing.
Then I held it up to the camera - it had to be my webcam because the other camera was broken - and there it was...
I saw it.

Anyway, this doll, which you are seeing backwards in my webcam, says "Bon Appetit" and is my Aunt Beast's 2007 Christmas present in honor of her redecorated kitchen. I would have liked it to have crazy wooly hair but I'm housesitting and there is no crazy wooliness to be found unless I shave the dog.


Miss Sassy said...

I have to say that I think the face on the doll is very pretty and so are you. At first glance I thought you looked like Angelina Jolie. Hopefully you will take that as a compliment as I think she is very lovely.

Sandy's Quilter's Block said...

I like your dolls faces. They are as unique as you are and that's what brings beauty to the world.
Keep up your good work.

Anitra Cameron said...

If our art mirrors us, then your mirror (your dolls) shows us a quirky person with a kind and generous heart, who is also quite lovely.

I've been scrolling through your blog, making mental comments on ALL the entries, but this one stopped me. I'm so glad you commented on my blog. Otherwise, I'd probably never have discovered your (to which I will now subscribe, and hope for frequent updates, lol)!

PS Loved your tape measure shoe fix!

Anonymous said...

Love your work and dont be upset about looking like your dolls..they and you are beautiful and quirky. Quirky..l like. People call me quirky and l think its great because it means you/we are are own people. Glad l found your sitexlynda