This Little Piggy

Greetings if you are visiting me from Sewmama! My blog has never had very many readers and it is my goal for next year to build up some online blog community.

The Boy(friend) is obsessed with pigs - he told me that the only thing he wants for Christmas is a real live pig, which sadly wouldn't work out very well in our apartment. However, I made this one for him from the adorable (and free!) Wee Wonderfuls Pattern. He didn't want the whole pig-on-wheels-ornament, because he wants to pretend that it's his pet pig, so I'll just let him keep it like this. Although I think it need some embroidered nostrils, because the pig nose is my favorite part of the pig. Cute waving nostrils!


rohanknitter said...

Such a cute piggy! I like him better without the wheels

megan noel said...

oh lord, i love me some little piggies. i so wanted one on the farm. my fruity therapist (less fruity than yours, okay, more a granola therapist) had a pot bellied piggy. now i am more inclined to want a mini donkey! so. cute.
i link from my blog to your site, i will link to your blog instead. not that i get that many readers yet but i am working on it!
xo mei
p.s. do you need crimping pliers? i have 2 pairs!

Melis said...

That's really cute!

I put this blog on my Eclectic Melsky blog roll!

Miss Sassy said...

Adorable!!! I like him better without the wheels, too.