All I want for Christmas is...

A Ravelry for sewing and crafting. Can't someone programming literate make a Ravelry-type website for sewing project organizing, pretty please? I have soooo many projects I want to do and I can't keep track! I like it that all the things I want to knit and crochet are at least in a list now, even if that list is, um, over a hundred things long.

Here's a picture to keep this post from being boring, even though she's from last year or the year before, I can't remember.

The next thing to work on with this blog is a list of links to other blogs, but there are so many that I read, it's hard to begin and I don't want to forget people I love.

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ToadyJoe said...

I've been thinking the same thing... only more so I can lust over what everyone else is doing than so that I can track my own projects... although, really, I could really benefit from such organization! If you hear of one opening, let me know please! :) Right now I have to live via my Google Reader to keep track of everyone else's beautiful projects.